In the time of Covid, Part 6: Return to the Office or Not?

In the Time of Covid, Part 5: Marketing Within Your Comfort Zone

Marketing is probably the most hated word in private practice. For many therapists, counselors and healing professionals, marketing means shameless advertising, promoting, or manipulating—the direct opposite of the relationships they are trying to establish. If this is why you hate marketing, I agree with you! I believe that any attempts at “push” marketing—hard sell messaging […]

In the Time of Covid, Part 4: Your Practice, Exposed

In the time of Covid, Part 3: Triage for Crisis Management

I am getting better acquainted with my anxiety. I thought we were old friends by now and that I knew all of my signature symptoms: chest tightness, unease, jumpy and being on high alert. But this pandemic has upped the ante, and I am finding that my anxiety has more to teach me. Like you, […]

In the Time of Covid, Part 2: Taking an Honest Inventory

Depending on your background, the concept of taking inventory may be either a business or a moral task. Those who have worked in business know that taking inventory means the tedious and exacting task of checking on your products. But participants in a 12-step program know the phrase from the internal rigors of the 4th […]

In the Time of Covid 19: Part 1, Anticipate More Disruption

We are in the midst of a sea change. I believe that the way we operate as mental health practitioners, healers and helpers will be changed forever as a result of this crisis. There is some good news in this. Evolution spurs us forward to respond with creativity and new ways of thinking and working […]

Why Your Level of Confidence Matters

To build better therapeutic alliance and trust with your clients, more training is not always the answer. The Path to Clinical Confidence by Lynn Grodzki, published in the Psychotherapy Networker Magazine, March/April 2020 What would cause a therapist who has a PhD, a full practice, the respect of her peers, appreciation from her clients, and […]

Your 2019 Best Word of the Year (WOTY)

Is there one word, a single word, that sums up all of your hopes, dreams and needs for your practice this year? One word that names your most important mission or purpose?

The Brand Called You

Good branding conveys a factor of trust for a winning combination. What is your brand — the defining feature that identifies your small business? Is it your name, specialty, or office location? Do you primarily promote the issues you address, the methods you use or the results you deliver? What sets you apart from the […]

Reduce Client Ghosting

We have a hidden crisis in therapy: Clients leave therapy before they can see the results of treatment. They leave too soon, in large numbers, without warning, abruptly. This is both a clinical issue and a business one, because it undermines the efficacy of your services and weakens your business. To learn what you can […]