Need a Business Coach you can trust? Meet Lynn Grodzki, Psychotherapist, author of 6 books, and Master Certified Coach. She offers practical, inspiring, affordable consultations — with a soft, yet strong style. See what others say below:

Ah, sweet relief! You’d think a therapist would know when to get help, but it took me YEARS of messing around with websites and trying to learn Adobe Illustrator before I realized: I need people who actually know how to do these things. So I found a graphics designer, a programmer, and the Best Marketing Coach, Lynn Grodzki. I dug around, looked at a half-dozen of the coaches who specialize in therapy practices, and settled on her, and am I glad.

Dan Quinn, PsyD.

Lynn expresses the business side of our profession with such knowledge and compassion. I love her soft and strong style; now pursuing the business side doesn’t look so awful!!

P. Gilbert, LMHC, LMT

The Business and Practice of Coaching by Lynn Grodzki and Wendy Allen gets our top rating of 5 Stars!! Any who desire to coach professionally must have The Business And Practice Of Coaching at hand.

Midwest Book Review

Lynn Grodzki brings together her business and therapy experience to write the most useful book I’ve come across on how to create a successful therapy practice - by attending to it’s business needs in equal measure to it’s clinical needs.

Karen Field, MNZAP, MNZAC, New Zealand

Lynn's coaching and techniques took my practice from a part-time, paycheck-to-paycheck type of practice to a wait-list practice where my services were high in demand. 

Thomas John

Lynn Grodzki’s ideas helped me to see how to tie together the pride I have in my work with the fees I charge for my work.

Sharon Stein McNamara, Ed.D., LP

Building Your Ideal Private Practice should be the bible of any clinician who is just starting a private practice or a seasoned practitioner who needs fresh ideas to enhance business. This book is the next best thing to personalized coaching.

Mila Ruiz Tecala, LICSW, DCSW

I started working with Lynn in June of 2013, after seeing her on a Psychotherapy Networker webinar. I was so impressed with her knowledge base and friendly and warm style that I decided to call her soon thereafter. After only a couple of conversations, my practice expanded by leaps and bounds. Lynn was able to excavate the deep-seated beliefs and behaviors that were impeding my ability to attract more clients.

Nancy Simon, LCSW

With the laser focus of a seasoned business professional, the empathy of a compassionate therapist, and the light touch of a great coach, Lynn Grodzki shows you exactly what to do to keep your practice thriving in any economy.

Casey Truffo, MS, LMFT

Lynn's program is not only practical but inspirational as well. "Reluctant entrepreneurs" are pointed in the direction of success from the first month.

Olivia Mellon

Welcome! What are your goals during this uncertain economy? Need to start up, grow, streamline systems, be more profitable or start a new project? Individual business coaching with Lynn is offered by phone, Skype or Zoom. During these unsettled times, the challenges of a difficult market and widespread anxiety makes planning hard. Partnership helps. Business support, advice and ideas from a pro can be calming. Learn how to reduce risk, shift your direction and/or promote growth. Your first consult is an Introductory session, 30 minutes by phone at no charge, to explore your situation and see if coaching would be a good fit. Lynn is a careful listener; during the Introductory session, she may offer you some perspective and strategic reframing of your situation, for just-in-time learning. Just fill in the survey and set up a consult to begin the process.

It’s easy to get started with a free Intro session.

Are you a therapist, counselor, social worker, healer, coach or helping professional in private practice? Need help setting direction, articulating your vision, or taking the next step? Make this the year you take steps to build the practice you want and deserve. It’s easy to get started with Lynn as your coach. Just fill out the form below to request your Strong Start Survey and start to identify and clarify your goals. Then, when you are ready, set up a free, 1/2 hour “living brochure” introductory session with Lynn by phone.

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Business Coaching and Consulting by phone, Skype or in person with Lynn Grodzki. Its easy to get started.

Lynn is a business coach specializing in practice building with health professionals including therapists, counselors, social workers, psychologists, healers, and coaches in private practice. She also works as an executive coach with non-profits, executive directors, consultants, and trusted advisers who need business advice.

In the time of Covid 19: If you need help for your practice during this time of Corona virus, consider some individual coaching.  To see a recent webinar from Lynn about Private Practice during the Pandemic, click here

Do you need an expert in the field of small business development to help you set and meet your private practice or business goals, someone who could stand behind you as you reached for more success? Want to brainstorm new ideas, resolve difficult situations, develop confidence in your business ability—and hate to go it alone? Need to become more profitable, re-brand your practice or reach a new audience?

It’s time to partner with Lynn!

Do you need mentoring to start up or grow your own coaching business? Therapists often make very competent and creative coaches. Its easier to start a coaching business then you might think, and you may not need any additional training beyond your therapy license and existing experience. Get mentoring from Lynn and become more confident in your coaching role. Learn how to structure a coaching session or full coaching program, how to help your coaching clients achieve their goals and ways to move forward as you diversify your services.

Meet Lynn Grodzki, nationally-known Master Certified Coach. Lynn is an author, former executive, and a senior psychotherapist with a Masters in Social Work.

Over the past two decades, she has coached hundreds of therapists in private practice, as well as other small business owners and executives. Tens of thousands of professionals know her through her books and workshops.

Lynn is known for her insight, warmth, humor and grace as she helps her clients become more purposeful, focused and profitable.

Book single or monthly business coaching sessions by phone, Skype or in person today! Get started with a 30 minute FREE introductory session to help you see if Business coaching or Mentor coaching with Lynn is right for you.  Click here to learn more!

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The Bestselling Bible — Building Your Ideal Private Practice Is Now Fully Revised!

building-your-ideal-private-practice-221x121Building Your Ideal Private Practice, 2nd Edition, Published March 2015

by Lynn Grodzki

Fully revised after 15 years, updated with 6 new chapters. Bigger and better, a complete guide for  therapists, counselors, coaches, healing  & helping professionals seeking more strategies and ideas for private practice success.

Whether you are a new or senior therapist—starting out, starting over, or just tweaking an existing practice—this revised classic book offers up-to-date ways to attract new clients, earn more money and spot new opportunities in today’s marketplace.

Learn how to be more profitable in an insurance-based practice and see the steps to shift from insurance to working with self pay, full fee clients. Read new chapters on reducing risk to keep your practice safe from harm. New chapters include the best steps for effective Internet marketing; how to build a business to sell; and help for stressed professionals, so that you can work smarter, not harder. Use it as your one-stop business plan. Written with the author’s warmth and wit, this book belongs on your library shelf to help your practice stay strong and healthy during the coming decade.


“20 Business Books You Must Read in 2016” from


“Building Your Ideal Private Practice, 2nd Edition is an in-depth book that walks you, a non-businessperson therapist, through starting your own private practice. The book is quite thorough, as a business book for non-business people should be. It is broken into 3 parts, starting with a preparation section then jumping into topics like internet presence, customer retention and other business lessons. I feel this book fills a huge gap for people in this situation looking for assistance.”

from Josh McDonald,


“As in the first edition of Building Your Ideal Private Practice, Lynn Grodzki excels in supporting and coaching therapists on the business side of their practices—only, this second edition does it even better! It packs in even more information than its predecessor, paying due attention to the social and market changes that have taken place over the past decade.”

from Christine A. Courtois, PhD, ABPP, author of Healing the Incest Wound; Recollections of Sexual Abuse


“I found Building Your Ideal Private Practice, 2nd Edition, an inspiring, relevant, intelligent, and practical resource that had me excited about what I can do with my own private practice. . . this guide speaks to therapists in their own language. I would like to see this as compulsory reading for every graduating professional in our field—helping new clinicians avoid unnecessary confusion, pain, and even financial loss through the recognition that they are as much business people as they are healing professionals.”

from Matthew Dahlitz, editor of The Neuropsychotherapist emagazine. See the full rave review here! at TNPTissue13pp34-37


Building Your Ideal Private Practice, 2nd Edition, covers the essentials for therapists starting out in private practice. Chapter 1, The Blueprint, led me to reflect on the ideal practice, which is gratifying for both therapist and client. As the author explains, ‘Making money and making a difference can coexist in your practice.’ The book is filled with useful information and it is extremely well written.”

Milton Erickson Foundation Newsletter, Vol 35, No2, 2015.

In the time of Covid-19, we are in the midst of a sea change. I believe that the way we operate as mental health practitioners, healers and helpers will be changed forever as a result of this crisis. There is some good news in this. Evolution spurs us forward to respond with creativity and new ways of thinking and working with others. But it comes with a dose of anxiety, worry, pain and struggle.

This book, written for the recession of 2008, can help. As we get used to the new parameters of telehealth, quarantine, billing confusion, cash flow problems, client cancellations, and overwhelm of those in need — balancing our own anxiety and well-being with that of those we help is hard. Lots of issues that we have never dealt with before are already in the pipeline, ready to present themselves. This book  is still relevant, to offer you more about the best ways we can all survive, strengthen and hopefully even thrive — in the time of Covid 19.

Crisis-Proof Your Practice offers a practical 4-point plan for assessing the health of your private practice, targeting the areas that need the most help, and moving forward with confidence to evolve with the times and even grow a practice despite economic uncertainty. Whether you are a seasoned clinician or new to the business, this is one book you cannot afford to be without. In paperback, purchase from the publisher or, wherever you like to buy your books.

Have you been interested in what coaching techniques might have to offer your therapy clients but unsure how to proceed, or curious as to whether a coaching approach is a “fit” for them… or you? If so, Therapy with a Coaching Edge is the book for you. This book offers a new, paradigm-changing therapy model—adding the leverage and action of a coaching approach to the wisdom and goals of psychotherapy.

This set of powerful coaching strategies, learned over time from many coaching experiences, which she adapted and designed specifically for therapy, to provide more reach and range for therapists and counselors. Using this model, therapists at all levels of experience can promote behavioral change without insisting on homework or rigid protocols. Clients can spot results in each and every therapy session. Resistance to treatment often softens and client retention improves.

The book gives new and veteran clinicians –counselors and therapists– the skills to not only improve client outcomes, but also energize themselves as practitioners. Therapists feel empowered as they learn to ask compelling questions that generate “ah-ha” moments. They help clients go beyond a discussion of symptoms to explore topics of core values. They show clients how to make decisions based on both necessity and a vision of a better future. Purchase from the publisher, or Amazon, or wherever you like to buy your books.

Note from Lynn: Are you a therapist, healer, counselor, social worker or coach that wants to make some changes, due to the uncertain economy, challenges unique to the Corona virus? Is it time to jump start a new or existing small business? Need more clients, better organization, new opportunities, a more fulfilling way to work? Want to expand and grow or build a business to sell? See the Resource menu and read articles, ideas, information and tips. Need more? Monthly coaching can help. Take a step for the health and well-being of your private practice or agency. Get started today!