The Business and Practice of Coaching by Lynn Grodzki and Wendy Allen gets our top rating of 5 Stars!! Any who desire to coach professionally must have The Business And Practice Of Coaching at hand.

Midwest Book Review

With the laser focus of a seasoned business professional, the empathy of a compassionate therapist, and the light touch of a great coach, Lynn Grodzki shows you exactly what to do to keep your practice thriving in any economy.

Casey Truffo, MS, LMFThttp://www.beawealthytherapist.net/

Lynn Grodzki has provided practical advice and direction that is strategic, systematic and synergistic.

Patrick Williams, Ed.D., MCCwww.lifecoachtraining.com

"As a mother of young children, I was keen to have a practice that operated only during school hours, and 6 months later, thanks to Lynn, I  have just that."

A. Walter, Master of Ed
A. Walter, Master of EdAustralia

"On those days when I begin to doubt myself and start to worry, my husband reminds me to read 'the bible' – Lynn’s book."

T.C., Marriage and Family Therapist
T.C., Marriage and Family TherapistBerkeley, California

"Lynn is the wings beneath my feet. Each coaching session translates to more profit for my practice and a more pleasurable life."

S. Dalton, Consultant
S. Dalton, ConsultantUtah

"In person, Lynn embodies everything she teaches in her books."

Gail Doerr
Gail DoerrDirector of CommunicationsTia Sophia Institute

"What really helped me put my practice over the top was the individual coaching with Lynn.  She is on my Gratitude List forever!"

Debbie Devine, LPC
Debbie Devine, LPCRockwall, Texashttp://rockwall-counseling.com/

"Lynn's workshop really motivated me and gave me the strategies I needed to build my ideal practice!"

Frances Wolff, Psychologist
Frances Wolff, PsychologistAustralia

"Lynn does amazing private practice nuts and bolts work, including the nuts and bolts in your mind."

Peter Hannah
Peter HannahSeattle, Washington

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  • Are you business-savvy? How strong is your practice? What do you need to improve?

    Take the Private Practice Success Program (TM) Assessment and rate your practice! (From 12 Months to Your Ideal Private Practice: A Workbook, Copyright 2003 Lynn Grodzki; all rights reserved)

    Read each item below and check off what is true for you today. Then submit your assessment to see immediately how well you do in terms of business know-how.

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  • Your Professional Mindset

    To be successful in private practice you need to approach your practice like a business, not a hobby.

  • Your Business Vision

    Your business vision brings meaning and direction to your private practice.

  • Marketing Successfully

    At the heart of every healthy private practice is a steady flow of new clients. Knowing how to market your services in an essential skill that will keep your practice viable.

  • Attending to Profitability

    A business must make a profit. As the business owner, you need to attend to making money while doing the work you love.

  • Getting into the Flow

    A successful entrepreneur regards operating a business as not just work, but pleasure.

  • Charting Your Business Evolution

    Growing your practice means helping it develop as you, the business owner, also change and evolve.

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