The Business and Practice of Coaching by Lynn Grodzki and Wendy Allen gets our top rating of 5 Stars!! Any who desire to coach professionally must have The Business And Practice Of Coaching at hand.

Midwest Book Review

With the laser focus of a seasoned business professional, the empathy of a compassionate therapist, and the light touch of a great coach, Lynn Grodzki shows you exactly what to do to keep your practice thriving in any economy.

Casey Truffo, MS, LMFThttp://www.beawealthytherapist.net/

Lynn Grodzki has provided practical advice and direction that is strategic, systematic and synergistic.

Patrick Williams, Ed.D., MCCwww.lifecoachtraining.com

"As a mother of young children, I was keen to have a practice that operated only during school hours, and 6 months later, thanks to Lynn, I  have just that."

A. Walter, Master of Ed
A. Walter, Master of EdAustralia

"On those days when I begin to doubt myself and start to worry, my husband reminds me to read 'the bible' – Lynn’s book."

T.C., Marriage and Family Therapist
T.C., Marriage and Family TherapistBerkeley, California

"Lynn is the wings beneath my feet. Each coaching session translates to more profit for my practice and a more pleasurable life."

S. Dalton, Consultant
S. Dalton, ConsultantUtah

"In person, Lynn embodies everything she teaches in her books."

Gail Doerr
Gail DoerrDirector of CommunicationsTia Sophia Institute

"What really helped me put my practice over the top was the individual coaching with Lynn.  She is on my Gratitude List forever!"

Debbie Devine, LPC
Debbie Devine, LPCRockwall, Texashttp://rockwall-counseling.com/

"Lynn's workshop really motivated me and gave me the strategies I needed to build my ideal practice!"

Frances Wolff, Psychologist
Frances Wolff, PsychologistAustralia

"Lynn does amazing private practice nuts and bolts work, including the nuts and bolts in your mind."

Peter Hannah
Peter HannahSeattle, Washington

Lynn’s Upcoming Workshops

Join Lynn at a Live Workshop.

To inquire about bringing Lynn to speak to your group, click here!

Upcoming Speaking Events:


Two Webinars for the Pandemic:

Psychotherapy Networker

Image of Private Practice in a Pandemic & Beyond: How to Stay Focused, Profitab

As the global pandemic unfolded, many therapists in private practice found themselves scrambling.  They didn’t have a plan for this kind of crisis….or any kind of disruption for that matter.  The fact is, as Lynn points out, crises always present opportunities….if we know where to look.

Few understand how to thrive in the therapy business through crises better than Lynn Grodzki. She points out that now is NOT the time to sit, wait, and hope for things to get better. Instead, as a proactive business owner of a small practice, this is the time to plan and re-invent the way you work.

In fact, there has NEVER been a better time to step back and re-evaluate your practice. The question every provider should be asking right now is….
Do I really have the practice I want? And is it really prepared to weather any storm?
In this all-new course, Lynn Grodzki shows you the exact ways she is guiding her own consulting clients RIGHT NOW through the crisis to find the opportunities and re-build their practices stronger than ever!

To access the webinar, click HERE or https://catalog.psychotherapynetworker.org/item/private-practice-pandemic-afc096083_21


Private Practice Opportunities…Now

The way we operate as mental health practitioners, healers and helpers may be changed forever as a result of this crisis. Lots of practice issues that we have never dealt with before are already in the pipeline, waiting to present themselves. This webinar offers strategies, tips and ideas to help your small business survive, strengthen and hopefully even thrive during this difficult time.

Leading Edge Seminars, recorded 4/14/20, view it here for a small fee:


April 16, 2020

“Bringing the Best Coaching Strategies into Your Counseling Sessions”

EAPA DC Chapter: Kolmac Clinic in Washington DC at 1411 K Street, NW,  DC


Friday, March 20, 2020

“How to Build Unshakable Clinical Confidence: The Key to Winning Your Clients’ Trust”

Psychotherapy Networker Symposium, Washington, DC


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

“Translating Coaching into Therapy: Partnership, Action and Possibility in Every Session” 

EAPA 2019 St. Louis Conference, St. Louis, MO.


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

“Building Unshakeable Clinical Confidence”

University of Maryland School of Social Work, Shady Grove Campus

Register at: https://sswcpe.umaryland.edu/ShowSchedule.awp?&Mode=GROUP&Group=700&Title=Professional+Growth+and+Development


Previous for 2019

May 03, 2019: Webinar (1.5 hrs)

“How Clinicians Retain Today’s Clients”




June 07, 2019: Baltimore, MD (3 hrs.)

“It’s a Jungle Out There: Identifying the ethical challenges in private practice”

University of Maryland School of Social Work, CE Program



March 21, 2019: Washington, DC

“A Day for New Therapists: Learning the Principles of  Successful Practice” — How to build your clinical confidence!

Psychotherapy Networker Symposium


March 22, 2019: Washington, DC

“Translating Coaching Into Therapy” (based on the new book, Therapy with a Coaching Edge.)

Psychotherapy Networker Symposium


June7, 2019: Elkridge, Maryland, 3 CEs

“It’s a Jungle Out There: Identifying the Ethical Challenges in Private Practice.”

Presented by Lynn Grodzki, LCSW-C, MCC

Sponsored by University of Maryland, School of Social Work. Register at:

Social workers often face complex ethical problems that are specific to those who own and operate a private practice. For example, how do you reconcile the ideal of social work selflessness with the very real self-interest of running a business? Which 5 billing mistakes commonly result in malpractice violations? When can offering a sliding scale be considered unethical? With the right information, learning to survive and thrive in a private practice aligns with applying the highest standards of ethical principles. In this workshop, we will explore the best solutions for some common concerns.


Lynn’s workshop at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium  (March 2015) was ranked #4 out of 176 workshops! When asked in their evaluations, “What did you like about this workshop?” Participants responded:

Her lovely soft presentation style, while still being very clear and direct.

Practical, informative, encouraging, motivating, good command of practical experience!

Lynn is a superb teacher and coach. She directly addresses her audience’s needs, stays right on target throughout.


Interesting examples cited to back up her points

Current information and strategies for private practice, coaching and Ms. Grodzki was awesome.

What Others Say

Gail Doerr

"In person, Lynn embodies everything she teaches in her books."

Gail DoerrDirector of CommunicationsTia Sophia Institute
Gail Doerr, Director of Communications

“In person, Lynn embodies everything she teaches in her books. Her workshop was professionally inspiring and personally motivating. Her sterling evaluations reflected the overwhelming appreciation and excitement that participants felt during the weekend. We loved it.”

Gail Doerr, Director of CommunicationsTai Sophia Institute for the Healing Arts

“Lynn’s presentation was worth the entire cost of the symposium! Great material, hugely relevant. Well organized, well paced. Great connections with the group. Of all the workshops at this conference, hers was the one that had the most practical application to my daily work.”

ParticipantPsychotherapy Networker Symposium 2010
Social Worker

“I liked the Lynn’s direct and honest approach to some of the barriers that come up when trying to run a business and be a clinician. I also enjoyed the opportunities to break up into dyads and practice some of the skills that were being discussed. She is a great speaker and very knowledgable about private practice success (and addressing concerns about building the private practice). I’ve been coming to this conference for 5-years and found this session to be one of the most helpful sessions I’ve ever been to.”

Social WorkerNASW Chapter Conference