Crisis-Proof Your Practice

How to Survive and Thrive in an Uncertain Economy

by Lynn Grodzki (WW Norton)

“Follow the easy step-by-step road map in this book to get your phone ringing!”

For the past decade-since the publication of her groundbreaking book Building Your Ideal Private Practice, Lynn Grodzki has been at the forefront of the movement to educate clinicians about the business of private practice, helping them at once to both love what they do and be as profitable as possible.

With the same straightforward talk, good sense, and in-depth business knowledge that you have come to expect from her, Lynn Grodzki tackles the economic issues of the day and how they affect those  in private practice. Crisis-Proof Your Practice offers a practical 4-point plan for assessing the health of your private practice, targeting the areas that need the most help, and moving forward with confidence to evolve with the times and even grow a practice despite economic uncertainty.  Whether you are a seasoned clinician or new to the business, this is one book you cannot afford to be without.

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5 Stars: A Wonderful Guide

“This is really an excellent book for those coaches who are serious about building their business.”

5 Stars: Saved Many Research Hours

“This book is a great find. The authors have a pragmatic business perspective that is rare in coaching “how to” books. The book saved me many hours of research and taught me how to focus and strategize my coaching business.”

5 Stars: Eye Opening

“Overall, this is an eye-opening book for anyone thinking about embarking on a consulting or coaching practice. It is a great complement to the many other books out there that focus on the how-tos of coaching.”

Table of Contents

Part 1: Review

  1. Surviving to Thriving
    Take the first step: Shift your perspective and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset to see the opportunities inherent within uncertain times.
  2. Crisis-Proofing in Action
    Break it down: A case example of how one therapist crisis-proofed her practice to take it from struggling to successful within 4 months.
  3. Take an Honest Inventory
    Be here now: Review your practice situation and prioritize your goals so you can begin to redirect your practice towards higher profits and a sounder footing.
  4. The Big Picture
    Consider your context: Spot current trends and adopt the organizational strategies that will help your practice weather the crisis.

Part 2. Recommit

  1. Protect Your Practice
    Stay safe: Evaluate degrees of risk and secure what you own while you continue to move forward.
  2. Cut Unhealthy Dependencies
    Stand strong: Shore up areas of weakness as you build a practice that is autonomous and reflects your best services and value.
  3. What to Charge, When to Spend, How to Save
    Eyes on the prize: Focus on profits, cut unnecessary expenses, set the right fees, package your services, and run a lean, high quality practice.
  4. Solid Strategies for Effective Marketing
    Market wisely: Generate ideal clients and find the hidden opportunities available during tough economic times.

Part 3: ReBrand

  1. Have a Strong Internet Presence
    Stay visible: Make the Internet work for you by learning to optimize your website, pursue social networking, and take advantage of new media.
  2. Best Business Models, Part 1
    Position your practice: Stay viable over time as you determine the best business model from among these two desirable options – the boutique practice or the brand recognition model.
  3. Best Business Models, Part 2
    Reach new markets: Continue your business model exploration with these profitable options, the retail clinic and the career component practice.
  4. Your Crisis-Proof Turnaround Plan
    Put it together: Integrate the strategies so far and customize your plan to get your practice onto a cost-effective and purposeful track.

Part 4: Reinvest

  1. Build a Practice You Can Sell
    Move forward: Craft a plan for the future with a practice that can fund your retirement.
  2. Fearless Change
    Make it real: Explore your response to change as you learn to become more flexible, make necessary adjustments and enjoy the process of business transformation.
  3. Learned Resilience
    Rise up: Bounce back from setbacks and develop your entrepreneurial capacity for becoming persistent and optimistic in the face of crisis.
  4. Crisis-Proof Leadership
    Take charge: Claim your power, develop personal accountability, and stay motivated over time as you own and operate a small business.
Reviews for Crisis-Proof Your Practice: How to Survive and Thrive in an Uncertain Economy

five-start-100“Crisis-Proof Your Practice: How to Survive and Thrive in an Uncertain Economy offers psychotherapists solid business advice on how to build and preserve a private practice during uncertain economic times. From a 4-step process for crisis-proofing a practice to what to charge and how to save, Crisis-Proof Your Practice’s therapist-specific guidelines are key to success and recommended for business and health libraries alike!

Midwest Book Review

five-start-100“If you read only one practice-building book this year, this is the one! Lynn shows you exactly what to do to keep your practice thriving in any economy.”

Casey Truffo
Author of
Be a Wealthy Therapist


“One of the best books about the business side of one’s practice that I have come across. Somehow and someway, Lynn has managed to offer a book packed with ideas, insights and real world examples without giving me a headache. I had a hard time putting it down and wound up energized every time I did. But don’t be fooled, I believe this book is not just about coping during times of crisis. Its ideas and innovations provide a framework for success that transcend place and time, making it an ideal resource for today’s ever changing and evolving marketplace. “

David P. Diana, M.A., LPC
Director of Business Development for Palmetto Behavioral Health

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