5896RET (2)From Lynn: I have been interviewed and recorded recently by several organizations and in the spirit of a sharing community, want you to have a chance to hear the conversations. Hope you enjoy!


Private Practice Journeys PODCAST

(to listen, click on this link) http://www.chrisquarto.com/ppj-021-cindy-norton-and-lynn-grodzki-ppj-special-consulting-episode/

On this episode of the Private Practice Journeys podcast, Lynn offers some live coaching to Cindy Norton, a licensed marriage and family therapist associate. Give it a listen and find out why you’ll want to follow these therapists on their journeys into private practice!  Get the show notes on the “Private Practice Journeys” podcast page at http://www.chrisquarto.com/


The Skill of Retaining Clients in the New Psychotherapy Marketplace

The MYOB Counselor. The website, www.myobcounselor.com is an online community created by Stephanie Adams, counselor and coach.  We spoke in August 2015 and I presented a power point talk to her community to highlight the essential skills that help therapists and other healing professionals retain clients that find you on the Internet.


You can see hear presentation and other offerings at her site and listen in below to the talk with the powerpoint.



         The Future of Private Practice

Last month I talked with Dr. Melvin Varghese who has a wonderful free internationally-heard podcast for therapists called “Selling the Couch” where he interviews mentors and experts who can help a small practice grow into abundance.

We talked about my “bulls-eye” marketing philosophy and also the need to see your business development from a holistic perspective.

See his list of previous podcasts on a range of great topics and listen to our conversation by clicking HERE.



          Navigating the New Marketplace

This audio file below is edited from a “Flash Forum” presentation I gave at the Psychotherapy Networker, March 2015. Similar to a Ted Talk, it was 20 minutes long, in front of several hundred people at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium on the Future of Private Practice. Listen here and enjoy! (First you will here a brief introduction by Ryan Howe for the Networker framing the topic, then my 20 minute presentation.) To hear all the other speakers at the Symposium, go to: www.psychotherapynetworker.org


          Interview — Building a Therapy Practice

Please click on these links to read the complete interview:

From Psychotherapy.net

Lynn Grodzki on Building a Successful Private Practice

by Rachel Zoffness

Psychotherapist and business coach Lynn Grodzki describes the challenges that many clinicians face in private practice, and the necessary steps to building a flourishing business.

Sections in this Interview:


Psychotherapy Networker Interview

Listen to part of an interview between Lynn Grodzki and Rich Simon of the Pyschotherapy Networker, about how to keep clients coming back and the need for transparency in therapy.